The Start of something amazing

"It all started in 2012 while I was deployed in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. While overseas, I worked alongside K-9 Handlers and their partners on multiple occasions. At this time, I knew that becoming a K-9 handler would be a role that I would strive for. 

After becoming a Police Officer with the Monroe Township Police Department in 2014, I volunteered and enjoyed working as a decoy for our K-9 unit regardless if I was on or off duty. In 2018, I was honored to be selected as the newest K-9 handler for the MTPD.


In December of 2018, I attended the Philadelphia K-9 Academy with my partner, K-9 Tito. From jump, I learned that my lead was the most important piece of equipment for K-9 Tito and myself. Through the lead.. the bond, the trust, and the confidence is formed.


While at the academy, I searched for a comfortable, light-weight yet durable patrol lead that would give a good correction; However, I could not find one. With a little encouragement from those around me, I decided to make my own. After sampling numerous types of webbing, hardware, and thread, I finally found what I had been looking for. I hand sewn my first lead and tested it vigorously throughout the duration of the academy.


My handcrafted lead held up to the test and got Philadelphia's stamp of approval. This was the start of something amazing, Longstroke Leads. My instructors and fellow classmates each had me make them their own patrol lead. That's when I knew.. I knew I had to invest in a sewing machine (...giggle). I purchased my Singer Sewing Machine and have been handcrafting leads, leashes, and now collars ever since."    


- Roy Pierson, Founder

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