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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my dog have to be a working dog in order to make a purchase?

A: No. Personal, civilian, non-working dogs are welcome to rock equipment from Longstroke Leads. Anyone can purchase from us.


Q: How big is the personalization (embroidery) field?

A: 4-6" which is perfect for a name. To add a phone number, symbol, or more space for longer text (like a phrase), please email us to place your special order. There is a $7 charge for each symbol or additional section of text.


Q: What symbols do you offer?

A: Email us to discuss your special order. There is a $7 charge per symbol/logo.

Q: Do you offer additional fonts?

A: Yes, please contact us to learn more.

Q: What colors do you offer for embroidery?

A: Every solid color and multiple shades of every color so be descriptive when placing order. If you're trying to match the color to something specific, feel free to send us a picture of the exact color.

​Q: What's the difference between the metal hardware options?


  • Black Plated Steel (standard): alloy steel that is coated in a matte black finish, the black coating will scratch and chip over time

  • Silver (standard): typical alloy steel, shiny silver finish

  • Brass (upgrade $): heavy duty, extremely durable solid brass hardware​

Q: For leashes and leads, why are there multiple choices of the same color under a product?

A: We offer some colors in more than one material. For example, black cotton and black nylon. So pay close attention when selecting the color of your product because this is where you are also selecting the type of material. You'll see the type of material in parenthesis next to the color.

Q: What's the difference between the types of webbing material for leads and leashes?


  • Cotton: heavy duty but still light weight, soft in your hands, slip-free grip

  • Nylon: strong and durable, tends to be more fade resistant and easier to wipe clean

Q: Do you offer wholesale / large quantity discounts?

A: We offer wholesale discounts to police departments, K9 training and boarding companies, non-profit organizations, and any other entity that would like to purchase multiple items. Email us to request a wholesale discount. 

Q: Can you bill my employer for my order?

A: Yes. Email us your order as well as the contact info for whom we will be sending a 'Net 30 Day' invoice to. Also, we will be happy to complete a W9 for your employer if needed.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: FREE for all domestic orders. Internationally shipped orders are subject to charge which is calculated at checkout. Our international shipping rate is cushioned. ALL INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE WELCOME TO EMAIL US SO THAT WE CAN INVESTIGATE THE BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE SHIPPING OPTION FOR YOU. 

Q: What happens if my item breaks, is defective, or I am not satisfied with my purchase?

A: Email us.

* Please contact us if you have any questions.

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